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Own this 180° bending radius, small hand held tube bender of 3in1 pipe sizes of 6/8/10mm OD
Can be used for:
water, gas, refrigeration and brake line.
For sanitary, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and hydraulic applications, as well as copper thin-wall
heating pipes and pressure piping systems in accordance with DIN EN 1057.
Small portable and easy to operate by hand
Strong and durable.
The thickness of bendable tube wall is 0.4mm.
Make bending fast and easy.
Being in line with ergonomic design, it can be operated by one hand.
The horizontal action allows easy bending without breaking the pipe.
Rugged construction allows the bender to smoothly bend copper tubes, aluminum tubes and other thin-walled steel tubes without curling.
Mark the angle and bending scale on the tool to provide a simple and clear logo for ease of use.
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Maximum bending angle: 180
Size: about 27*6.5cm / 10.6″x 2.6″
Bend diameter range: CT-369A: 1/4′′, 5/16′′, 3/8′′
CT-369M: 6mm/0.24in, 8mm/0.31in, 10mm/0.39in
The manual pipe bender can bend hoses, steel pipes, aluminum pipes and some thin tubes.

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